Why Choose an Acco Wright Hoist?

November 30, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Accio Wright hoists perform heavy-duty industrial tasks reliably.

When you’re picking industrial equipment for your business, it’s a purchase you want to make once, and trust it to perform as expected for decades to come. We’re providers of Acco Wright wire rope hoists because we only install brands we know will work as hard as our customers do. They’re leaders in developing hoist duty-ratings and manufacturing hoists that meet industry-wide criteria.

For businesses that need high-volume handling of heavy loads, it's catastrophic to invest capital in a hoist with a limited running time and insufficient starts per hour. At T&M Cranes, we can set you up with a hoist engineered to your exact specifications that will operate the way you need, as often as you need it.

We offer two Acco Wright hoists; the Speedway rated for one to five tons, and the Work Horse rated for one to 25 tons. You can balance cost, size, and workload between these two products to get a perfect wire rope hoist for your needs. There are options available for hazardous locations, and features including spark and explosion resistance.

Standard features of an Acco Wright hoist.

Whether you opt for the Speedway or the Work-Rated hoist, some of the same features will come standard. Being the industry-leader in hoists capable of high-volume work with heavy loads means their hoists include details you didn’t know you needed. When you choose an Acco Wright hoist, you’re assured of:

  • Variable-capacity between one and 25 tons.
  • Either deck-mounted or top-running trolley.
  • Single or two-speed motor.
  • Case hardened machine-cut alloy gears.
  • Overload cutoff with both mechanical load and motor brakes.

These are just a few of the standard features on hoists designed for heavy-duty tasks running 30 minutes out of every hour, with up to 300 starts per hour. When you’re comparing H4 hoists for industrial functions that require dependable machinery, the Acco Wright provides steadfast functionality.

These are the reliable standard features that will keep your business operations efficient and safe for as long as the hoist is running. T&M Cranes provides inspection, maintenance, and repair services to keep your hoist in top condition from day one to extend its working life.

Custom optional features on Acco Wright hoists.

While there are some features that you absolutely must have on a hoist, Acco Wright provides a myriad of customizable options. The result is a hoist that works for you instead of adjusting your workshop to fit your hoist. When you order a new hoist, you can specify:

  • Modifications to the trolley and speeds.
  • Epoxy paint.
  • Either audible or visual hoist overload indicator.
  • Running time meter.
  • Motor fuse holders and fuses.

More than just a heavy-duty hoist that works when you need it, you’ll have a customized piece of machinery adapted to your workspace. Our customer service experts at T&M Cranes can provide you with an accurate quote for a hoist engineered to your workspace.

Get your Acco Wright hoist quote from T&M Cranes today.

The experts at T&M Cranes can evaluate your needs, even if you’re not sure which hoist is ideal for your company. We’ll match you with the perfect hoist for your workspace because we engineer every hoist to the exact specifications of your workspace. We can provide you with a quote for equipment and installation.

If you’re already the owner of an Acco Wright hoist, we perform inspections, maintenance, and repair on industrial equipment. We can retrofit your current hoist with modern engineering to ensure it’s operating at prime efficiency and safety while saving you money on costly repairs. Get a quote by filling out our online form or call us 24/7 at 1-800-552-6720.