Why a crane load test is essential for every business in Crown Point

August 19, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why a crane load test is essential for every business in Crown Point

Operating a crane is a big task for anybody. There are myriad safety precautions that need to be taken as the loads are dangerously heavy and the equipment is extremely powerful. This is part of the reason it’s essential for every business that operates a crane to run crane load tests in Crown Point. At T&M Cranes, we will not only teach you how to run laid tests, but we can also provide you with information about why it’s important.

Increases productivity

Running crane load tests helps to increase productivity in your warehouse by identifying load capacity. It’s not uncommon to put safety policies in place to prevent crane operators from overloading the load capacity. For instance, if your crane can lift 20 tons, putting a policy in place for the maximum allowable load at 16 tons is one way to offer somewhat of a buffer to prevent error. However, workers over time might see that 16 tons as the actual capacity limit and come up short with each load by maxing out at 12 tons. It would take extra time to make up for the three tons that weren’t loaded in each 12-ton load. Knowing the true capacity of the crane makes for more efficient work from the start.

Prevents injuries

One of the benefits of knowing the load capacity of your crane includes safety. While you can improve your efficiency and productivity by hauling loads closer to the maximum load capacity, it also helps to prevent injuries as your team will know the true capabilities of the crane. While your crane might be rated for a certain capacity, it might not operate at that capacity safely. Load testing is essential to identifying the safe operation of the crane for everyone involved.

OSHA requires it

OSHA has strict requirements to ensure workplace safety. One of the requirements is that load testing is performed at least once every year. The test must be performed by a qualified professional to ensure that it’s done correctly and documented. OSHA states that test loads must not exceed 125% of the crane manufacturer’s rating. Furthermore, the rating identified after the test should not be more than 80% of the maximum load during the test. For example, if a maximum load of 20 tons is reached, the rating should not be more than 16 tons. In addition to testing the load, there should be inspections to identify any damage, defects, or other issues.

Improved knowledge of crane processes

It’s not uncommon for bits and pieces of operational knowledge to get lost in the training process. Whether it’s because there are items that don’t get passed on or the person who was trained simply didn’t learn it. Having a crane expert come to your business and perform a load test is a great way to teach everyone more about the minor details of the crane and how it works. Your employees will come away with improved knowledge about the processes of the crane.

Contact us for testing assistance

If you need to schedule your crane load test in Crown Point, get in touch with T&M Cranes today. We have a team of experts who can perform your load test to ensure that your crane is in proper working order. Should any problems arise during the test, we also offer crane repairs and servicing. Give us a call at 800-552-6720 anytime as we have operators available 24 hours a day. You can also send a message with your inquiry using our contact form.