What to Expect from an Overhead Crane Inspection

June 25, 2023 at 10:00 PM

Having a safe and efficient overhead crane is essential to business operations in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, and logistics. Overhead cranes are critical tools in moving heavy loads, and routine inspections are necessary to prevent accidents, reduce downtime, and keep equipment in good condition. This article will discuss what you should expect from an overhead crane inspection, including daily, monthly, and yearly inspections, and what to expect during an outside assessment.

Periodic Overhead Crane Inspection: What to Anticipate

Daily Inspection

A daily inspection is the most basic and crucial of the three types of overhead crane inspections. During this inspection, the operator should inspect the crane controls, wire ropes, hoist chains, and hooks for any visible defects. They should also check the brakes, limit switches, and safety features to ensure they are in working order. Documentation of the daily inspection should be completed before starting work.

Monthly Inspection

An in-depth monthly inspection includes all the checks made during the daily inspection but also includes an assessment of the crane structure, such as welding, bolts, and joints. The inspector should examine the electrical systems, including testing for continuity, grounding, and voltage dissipating to prevent electrical hazards.

Moreover, the inspector should check for leaks from the hydraulic and pneumatics systems, components' wear and tear or corrosion, and the suspension system. The inspector must ensure that the lift chain, wheels, bearings, and gears are adequately lubricated. The documentation for the monthly inspection should be maintained and easily accessible to any authorized personnel.

Yearly Inspection

An annual overhead crane inspection is an in-depth examination of the entire crane. This inspection aims to detect any structural damage or faulty components that may require replacement or recalibration. The inspector should check the crane components, including the hoist, crane hook, trolley, and runway for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion.

Additionally, the inspector should perform a load test to confirm the weight capacity of the crane. They should also inspect the crane's lifting ropes, limit switches, electrical wiring, and brakes. The documentation for the yearly inspection should be comprehensive and include a copy of the monthly and daily inspection reports.

External Confirmation: Overhead Crane Inspection for Compliance

Besides regular daily, monthly, and yearly overhead crane inspections, additional external inspections, such as OSHA inspections and third-party inspections, may need to be performed. Third-party inspectors are authorized professionals who assess equipment and verify compliance based on industry standards. OSHA inspections are mandatory and are done to ensure companies comply with safety regulations and prevent accidents.

During the outside inspection, the inspector will assess the overall safety and functionality of the crane, looking for any signs of wear, tear, or other defects. They’ll check the records of all past inspections, including daily, monthly, and annual logs, and verify OSHA standards and compliance. Depending on the findings, the inspector may recommend repairs, maintenance, or a replacement of the overhead crane.

Trust the Experts for Quality Overhead Crane Service

Maintaining overhead crane safety should be a top priority for any business that uses such technology. A regular inspection ensures that your overhead crane equipment is in good condition, reducing accidents and preventing downtime. Daily, monthly, and yearly inspections should be performed, depending on the frequency of crane usage. Beyond this, it’s essential to consider regular external inspections from third-party inspectors and OSHA inspectors to ensure compliance with industry standards. Investing time in overhead crane inspections is the best way to keep a safe workspace and maintain the lifespan of your equipment.

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