What kind of crane do you need in Indianapolis? Advice from your crane service

August 19, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What kind of crane do you need in Indianapolis? Advice from your crane service

Cranes are an invaluable asset for many companies that regularly need to move heavy loads throughout a warehouse and in a loading bay. However, there are so many different kinds that it can be difficult to know exactly which is right for your company. At T&M Cranes, we’re your knowledgeable source for crane service in Indianapolis and can provide you with advice to help you make the right decision. Read our guide to learn more about the structure of each type of crane we offer and its function.

Top running

Regardless of the number of girders that a top running crane operates with, the concept of the lift is the same. It runs with the hoist on top of the gliders. This allows for a larger load capacity than other types of cranes. It’s available in a double girder or single girder setup.

A double girder top running crane provides a much higher maximum load capacity than its single girder counterpart as the double girder arrangement is meant to lift heavier loads. Because of its structure, a double girder top running crane has a capacity of up to 100 tons and has a structural span of up to 65 feet. The fabricated girder span can spread up to 110 feet. While a single girder top running crane can’t hoist as much with a capacity of up to 15 tons, the monobox span can run up to 120 feet.


An underhung crane is as it sounds compared to the arrangement of the hoist of a top running crane. Underhung cranes have the hoist running under the gliders. This is ideal for warehouses where the crane will be assembled high enough that it will be near the ceiling. One drawback of underhung cranes is that they’re not able to hoist as heavy of loads as top running cranes.

Similar to the double girder top running crane, a double girder underhung crane has the capability to lift heavier loads than a single. However, it is still limited to 20 tons while the single girder underhung crane can lift 15 tons. Both can span up to 120.


Gantry cranes are bridge cranes that can be built over a loading bay or cargo area. They’re more limited in their capacity than top running cranes but can lift heavier loads than underhung cranes. They come in both double leg and single leg setups that can be used according to your needs. Gantry cranes get their strength from a hoist that runs along a pair of parallel gliders.

A double-leg gantry crane can be built inside or outside of your warehouse as it’s a self-contained crane. The two legs are set up on either end of the gliders and can move loads on a single plane. In contrast, single-leg gantry cranes need the support of another girder. The hoist is still positioned between two gliders so it’s capable of lifting up to 50 tons, but it does depend on the integrity of the girders on the opposite side of the leg.

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