What is Harrington Hoists?

February 26, 2021 at 12:00 AM

If you’re considering buying or upgrading lifting equipment, the name Harrington Hoists is one you’re certain to come across.

At T&M Cranes, that’s just one of the manufacturers whose equipment we offer.

Over a decades-long relationship of working with Harrington Hoists as a supplier in Indiana, we’ve developed extensive knowledge about the manufacturer and their lifting equipment.

Read on to find out about the company, the parts they sell, and whether they’re the right fit for what you have in mind.

Harrington Hoists products

Harrington Hoists is a leading manufacturer of manual, electric, and air chain hoists. The company doesn’t sell this equipment directly to customers. Instead, it uses suppliers like us, T&M cranes, to distribute it nationwide.

The equipment made by Harrington Hoists includes:

  • Manual chain hoists
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Air chain hoists
  • Electric wire rope hoists
  • Crane components
  • Complete crane systems
  • Ergonomic chain hoists
  • Below-the-hook equipment

Deciding the right lifting equipment for you

With the variety of equipment that Harrington Hoists makes, you might be having trouble deciding which to pick. There are some guidelines you can use that can whittle the options down to what’s most relevant to you

The most relevant factors to consider when selecting a hoist are:

  • Load capacity: the average weight you expect to regularly carry with the hoist
  • Lift height: the maximum height you’ll need to carry a load
  • Lift speed: how fast you need the hoist to move the load

Another consideration that can be just as significant is whether you have a power source nearby. If not, an electrical hoist is out of the question, and you’ll have to pick the best fit for your needs between a manual hoist and a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist.

You may also have to consider the amount of space that’s available to you. Compact hoists that are easy to maneuver are ideal when there’s limited room. And, while all hoists are designed to move vertically, you may find yourself in a position where you also need horizontal movement.

This will mean having to mount the hoist under a gantry crane, a jib crane, or an overhead traveling crane. Whichever option you choose, you will need to make sure that the hoist can be easily configured to suit your needs.

Manual hoists

A manual hoist is a good option if you’re looking to only get occasional use out of it. This type isn’t designed for regular lifting.

Similarly, it’s a hoist that’s also better suited to light loads and low heights. It tends to be limited to six tonnes, with the lifting height also capped at six meters.

One of its benefits is that it’s compact and light, making it a particularly good fit if you’re low on space.

Electric hoists

An electric hoist is better suited to regular use, but it’s only an option to consider if you have a compatible power supply nearby.

You’ll especially appreciate an electric hoist if you need to position loads precisely, since its multiple speeds and comprehensive controls make it easy to make subtle adjustments.

Pneumatic hoists

Pneumatic hoists carry all the advantages of electric hoists, with the added benefit that they’re less prone to rust in humid environments. However, they also require greater effort to maintain since their air filters need to be cleaned regularly.

Pneumatic hoists have a high lifting speed, so they’re a good pick if efficiency is one of your top priorities.

If you don’t have access to a compressed air network, you’ll need a suitable air compressor.

Get Harrington Hoists equipment from a trusted supplier

We have extensive knowledge of Harrington Hoists equipment, in addition to also being a supplier of their full product portfolio. Our industry experts would like to help you, whether you’re ready to order a hoist or you’d like personalized advice on the one that’s most appropriate for your operations. Contact us today to get the right hoist for your business.