Need Your Crane Repaired? We Provide Crane Replacement Parts

April 4, 2021 at 11:00 PM

Operations come to a standstill when a crane breaks down. Apart from finding out the exact cause of the problem, you need to source and install the needed parts, often under tight time constraints. Each day you don’t have those parts is a missed chance to bring projects to completion.

This is an all too familiar situation at industrial sites across Indiana and Illinois. If you’ve recently found yourself in the same boat, or with your crane showing signs that it might break down soon, T&M Cranes can help. In addition to serving customers throughout North America with modern overhead handling facilities, we also provide parts.

Our specialists can put an end to your downtime immediately with the right crane replacement parts.

We stock exactly the parts you need

Since T&M Cranes is a full-service supplier, we maintain a vast inventory of genuine OEM parts. This means we can respond to your needs immediately and supply the parts you require, regardless of your crane’s manufacturer.

Crane replacement parts for any component

Whichever replacement parts you need, anything from hoists and end carriage wheels to slew stops, T&M Cranes stocks them.

We provide parts for:

  • Below The Hook
  • Electrification
  • Radio and crane controls
  • Fall protection
  • OEM repair

Why T&M Cranes is the right choice for crane replacement parts

Right now, the top priority is getting the right parts, made to exact standards. It’s advisable to get them from a trusted source. And if you’re being supplied by factory-trained specialists, with 20 fully equipped service vehicles ready to visit your location immediately, your site will be productive again sooner.

You can expect that quality of product and level of service with T&M Cranes. We serve industrial sites throughout Indiana and Illinois. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your crane has failed. We’re just the right replacement part supplier and trained technicians to get it working again immediately.

Quality is assured

All parts supplied by T&M Cranes are manufactured in accordance with CMAA, HMI, ANSI, and AISE specifications. When you purchase replacement parts from us, you can be certain that they either meet or exceed the ratings of your equipment.

We can assist with the repair

We don’t just supply replacement parts. Our trained technicians make sure those parts are exactly the right fit, adapted to your crane and application. And then, if you wish, they install those parts for you at manufacturer-level standard, allowing for maximum efficiency.

Our industry specialists are on hand to ensure that you don’t just get the right part, but also the appropriate quality of installation. This makes for a long-lasting repair, while ensuring that your crane retains its full load capacity and efficiency.

Like our crane replacement parts, our services are suited to different types of equipment. We can repair your crane regardless of the brand or whether it’s new or used.

We can also carry out mechanical, electrical, and structural inspections after the repair. You’ll know if your equipment is running at full functionality, along with what you can do to maximize its efficiency.

To minimize the chances of you experiencing downtime again, we offer ongoing maintenance. Should any other parts be needed in future, you’ll get them with fast lead times. Regular inspections will ensure that your lifting equipment is continually at its most efficient.

Get the right crane replacement parts and resume operations

T&M Cranes has the crane replacement parts you need. Just as importantly, we can assist with the repair. Restore your industrial site’s productivity by getting the right parts. Get the precise parts you need delivered to your location, with trained technicians to ensure a quick and careful installation. Contact us today to speak to a technician.