Use a CM Hoist for These Tasks in the Warehouse

September 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Does my warehouse need a commercial hoist? Would it make our jobs easier? If these questions have ever been asked, chances are good that there is doubt around the current equipment. In addition, there may be concerns with safety, performance, and productivity among personnel. If that's the case, a hoist may be just what is needed to ensure higher productivity and keep employees safe, thus increasing profit margin. Here are some signs that a facility may need a cm hoist to help employees do their jobs. 

Stacking Loads

One of the most common things cm hoists are used for is stacking items. For example, often, warehouses need to stack one pallet on top of another. This job is usually assigned to forklifts within the building, but what happens when the forks on a lift can't raise any higher? With a hoist, we can lift loads all the way up to the ceiling and safely stack pallets higher than if you were using a forklift.

Moving loads with a hoist is much quicker than using a forklift. When our employees are repetitively moving products throughout their workday, this can save many hours and allow them to focus on other tasks that need their attention. 

Moving and Repositioning

Some items don't necessarily need to be stacked but just moved from one place to another. Hoists can be used to drag or lift objects to a new location within the warehouse. Hoists aren't always stationary and can follow a track on the ceiling to place a load in a new position. 

Hoists can also move items along a production line. For example, some cm hoists are used on a monorail to drag items from the beginning to the end of a production process, saving workers time and energy. 

But hoists aren't limited to just moving products; they can help move tools and equipment across the warehouse or items from one workstation to the next. They can even move people if necessary.

Lifting and Loading

Hoists can be used to maneuver items while loading products and packaging machines. For example, think about heavy rolls of plastic that need to be loaded onto a machine to wrap products or lift heavy objects onto a conveyor belt to get a process started. 

Not only can they be used to load machines, but the hoists can also help load semi trucks as products are getting ready to leave the warehouse. 


When looking at cm hoists, safety is always an important deciding factor. The reality is that any time a person is involved in lifting or moving a heavy object or a repetitious task, there is a real chance of getting hurt. Getting hurt on the job means injuries and workers' compensation claims for the company.

Hoists make moving, lifting, and repositioning safer for employees. In addition, it makes material handling and loading and unloading trucks easier. 

Is a Hoist Right for You?

If your commercial facility does any repetitive lifting or moving of products, then a hoist is right for you. Hoists play a vital role in keeping your employees safe and getting the job done efficiently. There are various types of hoists to use in a warehouse, from a fixed position hoist to a bridge or monorail hoist. Our experts at T&M Cranes can help you find the right hoists.

T&M Cranes is known for high-quality overhead hoists and cranes. Though we are located in the midwest, we provide equipment to customers across North America. Our family-owned and operated business is committed to providing our customers with quality service and equipment that exceeds expectations.

If you're looking for a hoist for your commercial facility, give us a call today! We'd love to see how we can help you!