Top uses and manufacturers of wire rope hoists

April 1, 2022 at 4:00 AM
An overhead hoist.

Most kinds of manufacturing or warehouse work environments may require the use of an indoor crane. Large loads need to be hauled over distances that could prove difficult or impractical for a forklift or other means of transport. For that reason, indoor cranes are a common sight in many of these types of facilities. They’re an excellent way to conveniently transport heavy or high-volume sets of items from one part of your work site to another.

But which type of indoor crane is the right fit for you? There isn’t just one type of crane; you can choose from several varieties of overhead crane based on cost, function, and the size of your facility. Wire rope hoists are one such option. This type of overhead crane, as its name implies, features a hook attached to a wire that allows it to lift, lower, or carry the load of cargo it’s transporting.

A wire rope hoist comes with a distinct set of advantages that may make it a more suitable option than other types of indoor overhead cranes for your facility and purposes, and there’s variety to be found even among wire rope hoists alone. That’s why in this blog post, we’ll review ways in which different types of hoists are used, some standard ways and settings in which they’re used, and which manufacturers you should consider purchasing from.

How are wire rope hoists used?

As mentioned previously, wire rope hoists are much like any other kind of overhead crane in terms of basic functionality. They transport items across a set path through your facility in a manner that isn’t obtrusive to other equipment and operations. But as with other types of cranes, there are certain key differences in construction and function that may make them a better fit for some uses and settings than others.

Wire rope hoists can move items more quickly, lift them higher, and can be rated for more severe duty classifications than other types of overhead cranes, like chain hoists. They can also handle loads of 10 tons and above in a quieter manner than many other types of cranes. While this makes them suitable for a wide range of work settings, they’re used most often in production-focused workplaces.

Which manufacturers should you purchase wire rope hoists from?

The production of wire rope hoists is dominated by a few major manufacturers, all of whom produce high-quality products that can improve the safety and productivity of any work site they’re used in. While all of these manufacturers offer a specific set of hoists, many offer the opportunity for you to order a custom-built crane tailored to the needs of your operations and workplace.

Some of the manufacturers you should consider purchasing from include:

  • IMS
  • Ace World Companies
  • Yale
  • Black Bear

The decision of which manufacturer to purchase from largely comes down to the needs and compatibility of the facility in which you plan to use your crane. Some, for example, may primarily offer a singular type of hoist that lifts weight within a 10-25 lbs. range, while others may produce a wider variety of hoists that allow you to lift up to as much as 35 lbs.

Even if you intend to order a custom-built product, it’s best to do your research to determine whether a certain manufacturer is more suited to the specifications you have in mind.

Safety first.

Ordering your crane

Where should you order your wire rope hoist once you’ve determined it’s the right fit for your facility? T&M Cranes sells these and many other types of overhead cranes, and we’re ready to work with you to provide a solution that’s as closely suited to your needs as possible. Request a quote or call directly at 1-800-552-6720 for more information. You can also reach out through our online contact form.