Tips for crane runway modification in Merrillville (and why consider them)

September 28, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Tips for crane runway modification in Merrillville (and why consider them)

Cranes often have a long lifespan, which is great because replacing one every few years would be incredibly expensive and not at all cost-efficient. However, technology continues to improve year over year while your old crane sits in your facility. This is when it’s beneficial to make upgrades and modifications to your crane. You can improve efficiency and productivity by making a crane runway modification in Merrillville and our team at T&M Cranes can help. If you’re not sure where you can modify your crane, read our short guide below for some suggestions.

Runway extensions

Growth often means expansion. Whether this is a geographic expansion or physical expansion depends on your business. A physical expansion could mean that you’ve added onto your facility and require a crane or hoist that extends a greater distance. You can add runway extensions to your crane to go beyond the area where you’ve been operating without buying an additional crane. This is a great way to improve efficiency without taking on the costs associated with a second crane.


If your business is continuing to grow and you need to be more efficient, you can’t always lift heavier loads less often. Rather, you’ll be living more loads more often. You can combat this by reinforcing your crane to improve its payload capacity. Part of this process will include a structural analysis by an engineer who can help to create specifications that are unique to your crane. The modifications you make will depend on the type of crane you operate and by how much you want to increase the payload capacity.

Control systems

While your control systems are going to be at the ground level, you can improve function and efficiency on the runway by upgrading your control system. Improved responsiveness and added features are going to make your crane much more functional overall and provide you with a new and clean feel. These can also be upgraded to radio control units that add an extra level of efficiency and productivity.

Upgraded girders

Your crane’s girders are going to take a lot of wear over the course of many years. The constant back and forth of the hoist will eventually wear lanes into runners and while this isn’t an immediate issue that needs addressing, the steel will eventually wear down. You can upgrade your girders to have more durable and modern materials that will last longer than what you had originally.

Benefits of runway modification

If all is going well, your business is going to continue to grow. Whether this growth is slow and steady or comes as a boom, your needs are going to change at one point or another. Making modifications to your crane is a great way to make sure that it suits your needs without spending significant amounts of money on a new crane every time your needs change. You can increase payload capacity, efficiency, and overall strength as you update your crane to fit your needs.

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