T&M’s guide: The best uses of the single girder crane design

April 26, 2022 at 7:00 AM

For your facility, finding the right crane is essential. Failing to install the right crane system results in inefficiency, hampered productivity, and lost revenue. Fortunately, for a versatile, cost-effective solution, single girder crane designs are the perfect option. At T&M Cranes, we are the leading crane manufacturer, installer, and service provider in Indiana and Illinois. Family-owned and operated, our passion is helping businesses reduce downtime and maximize their return on investment in crane equipment.

Here are the best applications for single girder cranes.

A crane in a warehouse.

What is a single girder crane?

To understand the different applications of single girder crane designs, you must first understand what a single girder crane is.

A single girder crane is the most common option for an overhead crane. These cranes utilize one girder beam that runs across end trucks. Depending on your needs, the bridge can be top-running or under-running.

With a versatile range of applications, single girder cranes are the most cost-effective solution. These cranes use less material, rendering them more compact, and they are lighter than double girder alternatives, generating significant material, freight, and installation savings.

Still, understanding its ideal environment and workload is crucial to understanding its different applications:

The ideal workload for application

To understand the applications of a single girder crane design, it’s crucial to understand its ideal workload. Single girder cranes are designed for light to medium-duty lifting needs.

Single girder cranes are excellent lifting solutions with applications across several industries. If your needs exceed light to medium-duty lifting, this crane is likely not a viable solution. The single girder crane is perfect for workloads associated with lighter industrial applications.

The weight capacity for the single girder crane is often limited to 15 tons. In rare cases, the single girder crane is also used for hot metal ladle and grab bucket handling. Still, the single girder crane boasts an impressive operating time as it can run for up to six hours.

Moreover, depending on the workforce at your disposal, the single girder crane offers easier maintenance, installation, and service. You can operate it remotely or via a push button and effectively apply it in smaller operations with significant lifting demands.

The ideal environment for application

The environment is also crucial to consider for single girder crane design applications. Its compact, lighter design makes the ideal environment facilities with limited headroom and floor space.

Single girder cranes are used extensively in warehouses and factories across industries. In environments where things need to be lifted and moved close to building walls, they are ideal because their compact size enables them to move closer to walls.

Single girder crane designs offer optimal facility coverage. In many factories and warehouses, they are excellent solutions. However, the average span of single girder cranes is 60 feet, meaning to cover longer distances, you need customizations.

Single girder crane designs are excellent applications to existing building support structures that cannot sustain much weight because they are lightweight and compact. Their lower load on the building structure does not add much strain.

Moreover, this enables them to be integrated into existing building support structures. Ideal environments for single girder crane design applications include:

  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Material yards
  • Manufacturing/Production facilities

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Finding the right crane for your needs and facility is crucial to optimizing productivity and overall performance. However, understanding what crane is right for you requires assessing your environment and the workload you need it to perform. If you need a single girder crane design, at T&M Cranes, we’re the premier source for material handling and lifting equipment needs. We proudly support hundreds of companies nationwide with our unequaled engineering experience, electrical knowledge, and dependable, communicative 24/7 service. Call now to get started!