Signs your commercial facility needs a CM hoist

July 29, 2022 at 7:00 AM

Overhead crane equipment can last decades if it’s properly installed, engineered, and maintained. But if you purchase expensive equipment and a situation arises where it doesn’t work, it can cause a whole host of problems. Additionally, when your overhead crane becomes outdated or unsafe, your commercial facility must modernize and upgrade it.

Modern technology and engineering developments have extended the life of overhead crane equipment. So when you purchase new equipment, you’re getting the latest technology. One key piece you should consider upgrading is your CM hoist.

We’ll explain what a CM hoist is and provide you with several signs of why your commercial facility should invest in a CM hoist and updated equipment.

What is a CM hoist?

A CM hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by a drum or lift wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated or electrically driven and may feature chain, fiber, or wire rope as its lifting medium.

Signs your commercial facility needs a CM hoist

Here are a few signs your commercial facility needs to update its equipment, including a CM hoist:

  1. Change in production for lifting requirements. You may use the same lifting equipment and hoists for years at a time with no problems. But you may need to upgrade it if you have an addition of a new production shift. The overhead crane equipment needs to lift heavier materials, requires better speed, or more precise control.
  2. Frequent need for repair. Sometimes your equipment may go through a lot of use, resulting in a lot of wear and tear. If your CM hoist is causing problems or your crane experiences shutdowns, it’s time to upgrade and modernize your machinery. Ignoring this could raise the costs of repairs, often significantly more than it would take to purchase new equipment.
  3. The inspection uncovered issues. You should frequently inspect your overhead cranes and all of its parts to ensure they are in working order. This will help increase the life expectancy of your machine and spot any irregularities and wear. If you find out that there is more wear than expected during the process, you’ll need to look for a replacement.
  4. Difficulty in finding replacement parts. As your overhead crane ages, you may have trouble finding replacement parts. Some manufacturing companies may not be in business, or others have become obsolete. In this instance, you will need to consider what parts of your crane, like your hoist, need replacement. You can then decide to upgrade your system or modernize your crane’s individual parts if possible.
  5. Improve safety measures. As technology advances over time, there are new safety features available for your machine. Having up-to-date machinery, such as a CM hoist, increases the device's efficiency.

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