Different types of services for overhead cranes in Michigan City

April 26, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A technician working on an overhead crane system.

Whether you already have overhead cranes in place in Michigan City or are considering a new system, understanding the services available is crucial to ensuring your system it operates at optimum performance. However, finding this information can be difficult. Fortunately, at T&M Cranes, we are the premier overhead crane manufacturer, service provider, and installer in Michigan City. Family-owned and operated, we treat our customers like our closest friends and family, and we boast dependable, 24/7 service predicated on unrivaled expertise.

Here are different services for overhead cranes:

Crane health inspections

Inspections are preventative services for overhead cranes in Michigan City that maintain crane health and catch issues before they become significantly more expensive issues.

During inspections, expert technicians methodically evaluate your overhead crane and provide a detailed, visual, real-time report that identifies deficiencies and inefficiencies in your system to recommend repairs and preventive maintenance.

Technicians customize inspections to your needs, equipment conditions, environment, and usage. Inspections are crucial for:

  • Minimizing liability
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Elongating equipment lifespan
  • Ensuring safety
  • Improving productivity.

Maintenance and repairs

Another service for overhead cranes in Michigan City is maintenance and repairs. Routine maintenance is imperative for optimum overhead crane performance.

Maintenance programs tailor inspections, repairs, and other services to equipment’s age, service class, and applications and reduce unexpected downtime, exorbitant and emergency repairs, and overall operating costs while maximizing your equipment’s lifespan.

Unplanned downtime resulting from mechanical or electrical malfunctions can cost thousands of dollars, and unexpected malfunctions of critical parts without available spare parts could lead to months of waiting.

Routine, proactive maintenance is essential, as is stocking up on spare parts. Regular maintenance identifies issues before they occur and enables you to perform repairs when it’s most convenient for you and your production schedule.

Maintenance can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually and should accommodate your specific operational requirements and OEM and OSHA standards. Still, repair services are crucial.

Repairs can entail scheduled repairs, replacing malfunctioning equipment quickly and efficiently to mitigate downtime, or expedited, emergency repairs.

From temporary repairs that bridge the gap between permanent repairs to providing long-term preventative solutions for repeat breakdowns, repair services are invaluable.


Continuous modernizations are critical services for overhead cranes in Michigan City to ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Moreover, modernizations increase productivity and safety. Modernization entails assessing your system’s structural integrity, mechanical and electrical performance, and reviewing maintenance records to create an upgrade plan for the necessary components.

Modernization is essential to enhancing reliability and performance while minimizing operating costs. Modernization and upgrade programs are tailored to your unique needs and enable you to optimize capabilities and get the most out of preexisting equipment.

Fabrication and installation

Services for overhead cranes in Michigan City also include managing new parts and systems. This management includes on-site, in-house fabrication services to develop custom parts for your unique system and needs.

With unrivaled engineering solutions, companies design and facilitate mechanical, fabrication, and electrification projects for overhead cranes within budget. Still, fabrication can be a viable solution to optimize preexisting systems.

Technicians provide expert advice on the equipment you need to enhance your overhead crane system, and overhead crane service companies have the equipment, experience, and expertise to install your system correctly, on schedule, and with constant communication.

With proven protocols, premier companies can install your system right the first time, no matter the situation or environment.

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