Pros and cons of Merriville, Indiana crane rebuilds

November 4, 2021 at 4:00 AM
An indoor manufacturing crane.

If you’re experiencing issues with your current indoor crane, you might be considering whether to repair or fully replace it. There are merits to either of these choices, but it’s highly dependent on your specific circumstances and the reasons your crane isn’t operating as well as you need it to.

In a lot of cases, the operational lifespan of a crane can be extended with certain repairs and refurbishments, negating the need for you to go through the longer, more expensive process of installing a new one just yet. On the other hand, an aging, deteriorating crane can present safety issues in the workplace, and the severity of the situation may ultimately be the wiser decision for the well-being of your employees and your business.

At T&M Cranes, we’ve spent a lot of time installing and repairing cranes. If you’re looking for a company specializing in crane rebuilds in Merriville, Indiana, the information in this post may be helpful to you. We’ll be going over some specific situations in which you should opt to either rebuild or replace your crane.

Reasons to replace

Issues requiring you to fully replace your crane are typically long-term or particularly severe ones that may threaten the structural integrity or innate operational effectiveness of the crane.

One of the biggest reasons to opt for a replacement is safety. If the crane hasn’t yet malfunctioned in such a way as to cause an employee injury or pose a serious risk of one, you may discover serious safety concerns during an inspection. We’ve written on our blog about some of what you should look for when inspecting a crane, with factors including:

  • Failure to pass OSHA inspections
  • Crushed chain links
  • Corrosion
  • Pad wear
  • Excessive wear and frequent repair issues

Of course, there are other important details to keep in mind that might make a replacement the better choice. Even if there isn’t a safety issue, crane models become obsolete as they get older, meaning they won’t integrate well with other new technology you may be implementing in the workplace to improve productivity. In conjunction with this issue is decreasing service for older models, with warranties expiring and less resources available for continued repairs.

Less resources for repairs might also mean those repairs are more expensive, too. Parts and materials become harder to locate, with prices potentially rising to acquire them and have the crane repaired.

Reasons to rebuild

Not all cranes currently face the issues listed above, of course. In fact, many cranes in operation right now are likely to be structurally and functionally sound enough that a full replacement would be unnecessarily costly.

Certain pieces like the crane’s controls might require replacing, but if the original model was of a high quality construction, it’s likely that this repair work is all that’s necessary to keep it functioning to the degree required by your operations.

Some problems can also be solved more easily and cheaply through repairs. Limited weight capacity, worn-out stairs and ladders, and deteriorating systems can all be corrected by rebuilding. Often, all it takes is the use of some refurbished parts and materials to get the job done, which can be especially cost-effective if those parts and materials have become increasingly expensive.

Handling issues with your crane through a rebuild is less strenuous on your business and will likely be less disruptive to your productivity than a full replacement would’ve been. If it’s an acceptable solution to the specific problems your crane is facing, it’s probably the right choice for you.


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