Penalties for Failure to Pass OSHA Inspection Checklist

June 12, 2023 at 5:00 AM
OHSA inspection checklist

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration plays a crucial role in ensuring workplace safety and protecting the well-being of employees. OSHA conducts surprise inspections to assess whether employers are complying with the necessary safety standards and regulations. Failure to pass an OSHA inspection checklist can have significant consequences for employers, ranging from legal repercussions to reputational damage.

Our team at T&M Cranes provides top-of-the-line equipment and services that help companies remain in compliance with the OHSA inspection checklist. Continue reading to learn the penalties and potential repercussions businesses may face if they fail to meet these requirements during an inspection.


One of the most common consequences of failing an OSHA inspection is financial penalties. OSHA has the authority to issue fines based on the severity of the violations found during the inspection. The fines can vary greatly depending on the specific situation and the employer’s history of non-compliance. For example, the fines for repeat violations are substantially higher than those for initial violations. Additionally, repeat violations can result in increased scrutiny from OSHA representatives during future inspections, making it crucial for businesses to promptly address any issues that are identified. OSHA classifies violations into four categories: serious, other-than-serious, willful, and repeat. The penalties associated with each category range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per violation. Displaying a clear disregard for OHSA standards is cause for the highest penalties.

Additional inspections

Failure to meet the requirements within an OSHA inspection checklist can lead to more frequent inspections in the future. OSHA may schedule follow-up visits to ensure that the violations have been corrected and that the workplace is now compliant with safety regulations. These subsequent inspections can hinder regular business operations and decrease productivity. If the employer continues to neglect OHSA standards during these additional inspections, this will result in increasingly serious consequences. Therefore, it is crucial for employers to address all health and safety issues promptly and thoroughly to avoid repeated inspections and potential fines.

Reputational damage

Failing an OSHA inspection can result in significant reputational damage for a business. News of workplace safety violations can spread quickly, negatively impacting the company's brand image and detracting clients from their services. Negative publicity is also a common reason for investors to turn down requests for funding. Furthermore, prospective job applicants often research workplace conditions prior to applying for positions in high-risk fields such as construction. Failure to protect employees by meeting OHSA regulations may deter high-quality applicants.

High insurance premiums

Insurance companies typically investigate the safety record of a business and their compliance with OHSA standards when determining a suitable premium. Failing an OSHA inspection indicates a higher level of risk associated with the business, which will drive up the cost of insurance. In the case of repeat violations, insurers may view the company as a liability and continue adjusting premiums accordingly.

Legal consequences

In severe cases of non-compliance, businesses may face legal consequences that are significantly more detrimental than monetary or reputational penalties. OSHA has the authority to pursue legal action against employers who demonstrate a pattern of violating safety standards or fail to address serious hazards. This can result in expensive legal fees, potential court-ordered remedies, and further damage to the company's reputation. Employers found guilty of willful violations may even face criminal charges, which in some cases, can lead to imprisonment.

Failing to pass an OSHA inspection checklist can have severe consequences for businesses. At T&M Cranes, we offer top-grade machinery, along with inspection and repair services to ensure your equipment is in compliance with OHSA standards. Contact us today to learn more.