How Do I Benefit from the Mechanical and Electrical Crane System Engineering Departments of Crane Companies Near Me?

November 30, 2020 at 10:30 PM
T&M cranes is the premier provider of your equipment moving needs.

Knowing your crane’s inner workings, whether you rent or own your current system, helps you take better care of your equipment and can save you substantial costs in the long run. You can pinpoint the repairs and maintenance needed on your system by using the mechanical and electrical crane system engineering department of a crane company near you. And you’ll be empowered to know when to repair, update, or even replace your current system.

Instead of putting blind trust in a nearby crane company, you can become an informed buyer by learning precisely what a company’s engineering department can do for you. You’ll be able to ask critical questions to make sure you get a crane that performs the way you need and won’t leave you short-handed at the shop or on the job site.

The working principles behind mechanical crane system designs.

At the most basic level, you need cranes to lift, transport, and lower heavy loads. But there’s an array of designs optimized for specialized jobs around the shop or job site. Depending on the work you do and what you’ll be lifting, there’s a specialized crane:

  • Davit cranes: when you need to lower items from the edge of a structure down a long drop-off.
  • Jib crane: uses a long horizontal arm to manipulate loads away from a floor-mounted pillar.
  • Monorail cranes: used as a substitute for a traditional gantry crane or conveyor belt in constricted areas.
  • Overhead or bridge crane: a bridge and trolly run on parallel runways across the span of an industrial building.
  • Single and double leg gantry cranes: a girder supported by one or two freestanding legs over an object or workspace.

Just by looking at the space, you may not know the exact crane that fits your situation. Even if you think you don’t have space or capacity for a crane, chances are there’s a solution through modern engineering for your problem.

When you reach out to a dependable crane company such as T&M Cranes, you can work with an experienced industry leader in finding the right crane for your needs. Suppose you’re moving into a new space with old equipment. In that case, we can inspect the cranes and provide service and maintenance to get them safely operational.

Modern engineering can extend your crane’s lifespan.

If your business has been operating with a crane system for a while, it may not be performing as reliably or safely as you need. Some crane companies may try to convince you to replace your entire system. However, experienced crane mechanics can apply modern engineering to upgrade your current system.

T&M Cranes provides in-house mechanical and electrical engineering services for new systems, modernization, and upgrade to current crane systems. Our services include the design and fabrication of customized cranes:

  • Electrical designs
  • Capacity, control, and component upgrades
  • Failure analysis
  • Speed changes
  • Safety upgrades

T&M Cranes has the engineers and designers in-house to help with your heavy lifting and relocation needs. They’ll tackle your problem and provide you with safe, reliable solutions. We design and coordinate the fabrication of new crane products, upgrades, and even repairs.

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Think of T&M Cranes whether you’re looking to purchase or rent. If you need your current crane system serviced, we’re the trusted crane company for inspection, maintenance, and repair in Northern Indiana. Whatever your crane needs may be, T&M has the experience, knowledge, and ability to find you affordable, lasting solutions.