Tips to Keep Crane Parts Functioning in Great Condition

May 29, 2021 at 9:30 PM
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Your warehouse crane is the backbone of your business. The reliable and safe movement of parts and material within your facility is crucial to your workflow. When the crane goes down, so does the workday, with workstations stalled until it resumes operation. Or, your team spends precious man-hours navigating their job orders without being able to use an essential piece of machinery. That’s why it’s vital to keep your crane’s parts and functions running smoothly, with regular inspections and services.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you keep your warehouse crane in excellent condition.

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Review the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) guidelines.

The OEM is the company that manufactured the crane. The Crane Manufacturers Associates of America recommends using parts from the OEM whenever your crane needs service to ensure reliable equipment operation.

OEMs will also recommend servicing schedules, maintenance intervals, and proper care based upon the duty cycle of the crane parts and functions.

When you purchase a T&M Crane, we provide our customers with ongoing support, including service and repair. Because we’re the OEM, we always have the correct parts available––you’re never stranded waiting for a part delivery from overseas. We also provide our customers with clear standards of inspection and servicing to make sure their crane is always in top condition.

Get your team involved.

The entire warehouse depends on the safe operation of the crane, so it’s critical to get employees involved with the service plan. By starting every shift with essential crane inspections, employees become familiar with the condition of the crane parts and aware of any potential mechanical issues.

Employees familiar with the proper condition of a crane and aware of the safety consequences of broken or worn down parts will be more aware of their equipment and less likely to ignore changes in crane function or signs of stress and strain.

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Make a customized service plan.

How often your crane needs inspection and basic maintenance service depends on the model, duty cycle, and daily operation of the equipment. In consulting the OEM, you can determine how often your gear requires maintenance inspections and which crane parts and functions to evaluate daily, weekly, and monthly.

Because all equipment eventually becomes outdated or worn down by year of operation, T&M Cranes provides unique modernization services. We can upgrade and rebuild your existing crane with new parts and functions, saving you the expense and cost of a new crane installation.

Work with a professional crane manufacturer and servicer.

Your warehouse crane’s installation can create potential long-term problems if the runway system is off alignment. If it’s skewed while traveling down the tracks, it puts strain on all the crane’s parts and functions. An improperly installed runway system will expose your warehouse to safety concerns and shorten the lifespan of your crane.

Working with a local, professional crane manufacturer and servicer means you can entrust your crane’s proper installation, service, and repair to experts.

For a qualified inspection of your crane parts and functions, contact T&M Cranes in Chicago and Indiana.

T&M Cranes builds standard cranes and designs and manufactures complex, custom crane systems for warehouses and large facilities. We provide full crane service with inspections, maintenance reviews, and repair of all our cranes’ parts and functions. When you purchase from T&M Cranes, you get ongoing reliable support to avoid costly shutdowns because of repairs and maintenance.

To learn more about the range of crane products we offer, contact us through our easy online form, and one of our customer care experts will be in touch soon.