Which Industries Benefit From Double Girder Crane Design Rather Than Single?

June 12, 2023 at 5:00 AM
Double girder crane design is more advantageous than single

Cranes play a pivotal role in various industries, facilitating the lifting and transport of heavy loads. When it comes to choosing the right crane design, the decision between a single girder and a double girder crane is crucial to the safety and efficiency of certain tasks. While both designs have their advantages, certain industries benefit significantly from the use of double girder cranes.

At T&M Cranes, we offer heavy-duty equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the United States. Below we have listed a few industries that find double girder crane designs more advantageous than single girder cranes.

Heavy manufacturing and steel industry

Industries involved in heavy manufacturing and steel production often deal with extremely heavy loads that demand a reliable piece of equipment with a high weight capacity. Double girder cranes are an ideal choice in such industries due to their impressive load-bearing capabilities. The double girder crane design provides double the support and structural integrity than that of their single girder counterparts, allowing these cranes to transfer heavier loads. They are commonly used in steel mills and other heavy manufacturing facilities for important tasks such as moving steel coils, molds, and large machinery components.

Energy sector

The energy sector, including power plants and renewable energy installations, requires efficient lifting solutions that can adequately stabilize large, cumbersome objects. Double girder cranes excel in these industries due to their ability to handle oversized components used in power generation systems. These cranes are often utilized for tasks such as turbine maintenance, installation of heavy equipment, and handling of large transformers. The increased lifting capacity and stability of double girder cranes make them an asset to power plants, where precision and safety are of the utmost importance.

Aerospace and aviation

In the aerospace and aviation industries, precision, accuracy, and safety must be prioritized. Systems should be in place so that there is minimal room for error and aircraft remain in perfect condition. Additionally, these industries handle highly technical equipment that could cost up to millions of dollars to replace if they are damaged by an unreliable crane. For this reason, double girder cranes are an optimal choice in these sectors for lifting and maneuvering aircraft components, engines, and other essential parts. The ability to handle substantial loads, coupled with the precise controls and smooth movements of double girder cranes, makes them an excellent addition to assembly lines, maintenance hangars, and aircraft manufacturing facilities.

Heavy infrastructure and construction

Large-scale construction projects often involve lifting and moving heavy materials such as concrete panels, steel beams, and prefabricated components. Double girder cranes are well-suited for the construction industry as they offer enough support to safely move these objects. Using a double girder crane for a construction project can expedite the entire process, provide a safer environment for construction workers, and reduce the risk of dropping and damaging building materials. With this piece of equipment, workers can use precise control mechanisms to handle materials, which is particularly useful for projects such as building bridges, skyscrapers, and other large structures.

Automotive manufacturing

Like the aerospace and aviation industries, automotive manufacturing requires cranes that can efficiently handle the assembly and transportation of heavy vehicle components. Double girder cranes provide the necessary strength and structural integrity to meet the demands of this industry. They are often used for lifting car bodies, engines, and other bulky parts on the production line.

It is essential to have a reliable piece of equipment that is well suited to handle the materials that you work with. Contact us today to learn more about the double girder crane design and whether or not it is the right fit for your project.