IMS Standard Hoist vs. IMS Boss Hoist

July 30, 2022 at 7:00 AM

If you need a new hoist, you may wonder what the difference is between IMS standard hoists and IMS boss hoists. They are both responsible for moving objects vertically and supporting hanging loads, but how they do that is different.

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Below, we’ll explain the difference between IMS standard hoists and IMS boss hoists.

What is IMS?

Integrated Machinery Solutions (IMS) is an engineering and manufacturing firm that provides engineering, design, and manufacturing equipment solutions for customers. IMS experts have experience in applications and systems design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing and production.

IMS designs and manufactures custom wire rope hoists for the overhead material handling industry. The company can provide a 30-ton scrap handling crane for a steel mill, a 10-ton critical lift hoist for the aerospace industry, or a 300-ton hoist for turbine manufacturing.

What is an IMS standard hoist?

An IMS standard hoist is used for lifting and lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around rope or chain wraps. This hoist is equipped with a primary geared upper limit switch and a secondary weight limit switch. Here are the IMS standard hoist typical design features:

  • Built to CMAA Class D
  • Fabricated steel structure with lifting lungs and OSHA-compliant tie-off points
  • Alignment free pillow block with encapsulated double-row spherical roller bearings
  • Steel fabricated drum with 3/8 or 1/2 depth grooving and a 3-degree maximum fleet angle
  • Hoist reducer with a horizontal split steel fabricated housing with encapsulated bearings and taconite seals
  • Hoist motors are NEMA frame, foot mounted, 60-minute duty, class H insulated, TENV, and come equipped with Klixon thermostats
  • A/C thruster type Industrial hoist brakes with hand releases and a ductile iron brake wheel
  • Sheaves are designed with two tapered roller bearings per sheave contained between spacers and held in place with AN locknuts, each with individual grease ports
  • Trolley travel drivers are helical shaft-mounted reducers

You can customize your standard hoist with additional options that include: sealed sheaves, pillow block, wheel bearings, eddy current hoist brakes, and caliper drum brakes.

What is an IMS boss hoist?

The IMS boss hoist is a new, low headroom catalog hoist that was created to meet the demanding performance requirements of the American industry. It includes many of the same features as the standard IMS hoist but also has several new capabilities that set it apart.

Here is a general list of features from the IMS boss hoist:

  • Capacity from 5 ton through 35 ton
  • Meets the critical performance requirements of CMAA Class D service
  • Hoist motor power from 15 through 60 horsepower
  • Gage from 6 feet through 10 feet in any increment desired
  • 80 or 120 fpm travel drive speeds

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