How Temperature Is Affecting Your Crane | Crane Repair Services by T&M

May 22, 2020 at 4:00 AM
What's the difference between hoists and cranes?

Working outdoors is no picnic when extreme temperatures are involved – especially when you’re trying to operate heavy machinery. Overly hot and cold temperatures are not only uncomfortable to work in, but they can also potentially damage the delicate and intricate crane machinery, which can have dangerous and costly results.

Our team cares about your safety and efficiency as much as you do, so here’s what you need to know about the way temperatures can affect your crane and a few tips to minimize damages. If you think your machine has been harmed by the temperature or want an inspection just to be safe, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians offer crane repair services to strengthen your crane and give you back your peace of mind.

Your Crane and the Heat

It's no surprise that most construction takes place when things are warmer and the weather is nicer. But when temperatures start escalating, it's important to give your crane extra attention to ensure the safety of everyone in your work zone.

Extremely hot temperatures and direct sun exposure can cause issues including:

  • Ineffective seals
  • Dirt, dust, and debris build-up
  • Overly hot engines
  • Reduced lifespan due to exposure
  • Dangerous operating conditions
  • Low fluid levels

Cranes that are exposed to extremely hot temperatures or direct sunlight for long periods of time may begin to deteriorate. If not properly maintained and regularly inspected, cranes operated in these conditions will likely have damaged parts, inoperable machinery, and a reduced lifespan. Additionally, overheated conditions are uncomfortable and often dangerous for crane operators.

Our solutions: Whenever possible, keep cranes out of direct sunlight and away from superheated areas in order to mitigate damage. Always take the time to inspect your crane before operating, paying close attention to fluid levels. Invest in inspections and crane repair services early on to prevent avoidable accidents.

Your Crane and the Cold

Heat can be dangerous for cranes, but the cold can be even worse. When temperatures approach zero, crane materials can shift from ductile to brittle. Brittle materials can negatively impact precision and strength, leading to the material becoming overstressed. This may result in cracks or nicks appearing on the crane, which can increase the chance of catastrophic and sometimes deadly machinery failure.

Cranes exposed to freezing temperatures may also be affected by frost and ice, which can make the crane dangerous to operate. Accidents become increasingly more likely for operators working in extremely cold weather conditions.

Our solutions: When the temperatures start falling, it’s time to consider how to protect your cranes and your employees by implementing changes to load limits, hydraulics, and derating. Also, consider how temperatures are affecting the operator. When possible, consult with experts like those at T&M to discover the best ways to weatherize your cranes.

Temperature and Your Crane – The General Takeaway

Because temperatures can drastically affect the longevity and functioning of your crane, it’s imperative to invest in quality materials, inspections, and crane repair services to ensure your machinery is safe and operable. Both extreme heat and extreme cold present danger to the integrity of your crane.

Get the Crane Repair Services You Need at T&M

Construction cranes don’t come cheap, which is why it’s important to protect your investment, your employees, and your business by working with companies that place an emphasis on quality.

Here at T&M, we show you that we value your safety and efficiency by providing the best products and services in the industry. Whether you need a new crane, are looking for replacement crane parts, or need some expert crane repair services, we can help.

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