How companies benefit from crane modernization in Crown Point

July 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How companies benefit from crane modernization in Crown Point

As your crane ages, it gets to be more and more out of date. To make sure that you’re getting the most you can out of a crane, you can either replace it or modernize it. If you can’t decide which is right for you and your company, our team at T&M Cranes has put together a few ways your company can benefit from crane modernization in Crown Point.

Higher payload capacity

Part of modernizing your crane can include upgrading the lifting capacity and span of your crane. This is a great way to increase your crane’s ability to perform when you have bigger jobs come in. Your company will not only be able to serve a greater need but feel more comfortable with the prospects of growth.

Cheaper than replacing

By modernizing your crane, you can save your company tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Upgrading the current components is the more cost-effective choice than buying an entirely new one because you’re not going to replace every aspect of the crane. There are certain components that you’ll be able to keep on your original crane as part of your modernization.

Mechanical upgrades

Technology continues to improve over time. If you last bought or upgraded your crane 25 years ago, it’s going to feel like it’s light years behind what’s currently available. Risks of mechanical and structural failure increase as your crane ages, so modernizing is a great way to make sure that your crane continues to operate in a manner that’s safe for everyone within your facility.

Improved control technology

The control systems on your crane are some of the most important. When you modernize your control system, you can make more precise moves with the load you’re carrying, including making faster stops when needed. New control systems allow for more efficient movement of loads while providing an added measure of safety.

Implement automation

Automation is an excellent function to have at your disposal when you have repeatable processes that can be easily performed. By implementing automated processes, you eliminate the potential of operator error and improve the safety of everyone in your warehouse or at your job site. Furthermore, productivity and safety can be improved even more by programming your crane for auto-picking functions and navigating no-fly zones in your facility.

Faster operating speeds

There are many parts of your crane that can deteriorate over the course of years of use and the speed at which the controls and electronics respond is one of them. You might notice that there is a slight delay in response as you go to move a load or you feel that you have to anticipate a stop by a fraction of a second. Modernizing your crane will make for much faster response times and more efficient movement across girders. This is yet another aspect of modernization that improves the function and safety of your crane.

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