How a Portable Gantry Crane Can Help Your Productivity

February 27, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Whether you have a temporary job site or a permanent facility, at some point you will face the same challenge.

How can I lift heavy machinery or other items for assembly, service, or other needs? What is the most efficient way to pick up and move heavy objects from one point to another?

Heavy lifting vehicles can only get part of the job done. Sometimes you need almost complete accessibility to the surface of the lifted object. Machines like forklifts cannot provide that.  

In other cases, you need materials moved from one fixed point to another in your facility. Using vehicles only burns gasoline and can befoul air indoors. 

Contractors and facility owners in these and other situations should use gantry cranes to provide the best results.

What Is a Gantry Crane?

These cranes are composed of a skeleton made of heavy-duty steel or other durable metals. They can use either single or double girder configurations. Additionally, they can run on tracks or wheels to move items from one fixed point to another when needed.

A portable gantry crane is usually used for heavy-duty fabrication purposes. Portable versions assemble quickly and easily. You can also break them down conveniently, using them as or where needed.

Gantry cranes work well in indoor or outdoor conditions. Those with the best possible designs take up little room in the yard or facility. Trucks and other equipment should be able to travel inside and beneath them if necessary.

They also offer enhanced convenience over other cranes. Unlike bridge cranes, they do not tie into the building’s structure. You can disassemble and move them whenever you need to.

Who Uses This Type of Crane?

Portable gantry cranes can come in a number of sizes and capabilities. Smaller versions can help employees lift and move heavy items that are too large for even team lifting. Their use prevents injuries or slowdowns from worker fatigue.

In other cases, a portable gantry crane can help in the assembly, repair, and placement of certain objects. For example, they are excellent for lifting engines from automobiles. If repairs are needed, they can hold the object in place at an elevation convenient for service.

In other cases, facilities use them to move items safely and conveniently. They use wheels or tracks to pick up and move objects that are unsafe to carry and inconvenient to load into vehicles.

Overall, gantry cranes promote safety and efficiency in industry and construction sites by removing the burdens from men and machines less well equipped for the job. 

How Do They Boost Facility Performance?

First, portable gantry cranes improve facility productivity by removing more of the physical burden from workers. They make lifting and moving items around the workplace easier, reducing both fatigue and the risk of injuries.

Gantry cranes also add efficiencies when used to move a large number of items across a facility. Their use reduces the amount of energy consumed by vehicles. Using these cranes instead of vehicles also reduces emissions and fuel usage.

When they function properly, they also reduce the chance of damage to the load. Other means of transport could include sudden jerks and movements that could cause problems. These cranes also place items at convenient elevations and angles for assembly or repair.

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