Finding the right overhead cranes in Indiana for your industry

August 24, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Monorail cranes helping on the production line.

Overhead cranes are essential to many industrial projects here in Indiana, but finding the right crane for your industry can be a challenge. There are different factors to consider, such as load capacity, the size of your facility, and more.

At T&M Cranes, we consult with business owners in many industries to help them find the best overhead cranes in Indiana. This quick guide will help you learn which crane is right for your project.

Single girder bridge cranes

Bridge cranes have parallel overhead runways that are permanently built into a facility. A traveling beam called a “bridge” spans the gap between the two runways, and then a hoist travels along the bridge.

Single girder cranes are typically less expensive than double girder cranes. Likewise, freight expenses are not as costly with this option. The design is also simpler compared to double girder cranes, so installation is quicker.

These cranes are ideal if you need to lift no more than 15 tons, and if the facility’s span length is less than about 65 feet. We recommend them for heavy equipment repair, metal manufacturing, auto assembly, and any job site where you need to lift extremely heavy loads while keeping the floor space open.

Double girder bridge cranes

Double girder bridge cranes are configured to have two beams that span the gap between the overhead runways. The extra beam gives them the ability to safely lift loads of more than 15 tons. They can also be used for projects that require a longer span.

If you’re lifting extremely heavy loads and you need more customization options, double girder cranes are the best choice. They can be customized with specialized equipment, including cabs, walkways, and other additions.

Gantry cranes

Unlike bridge cranes, gantry cranes are not permanently built into a structure. Instead of having suspended runways, this type of crane is supported by freestanding legs. Besides this primary difference, they function similarly to bridge cranes, and they can have a single or double girder configuration.

Since these lightweight cranes are completely self-supported and aren’t permanently installed into a structure, they’re great for projects that require portability. They’re also ideal for outdoor projects, such as shipyards or construction sites where there is limited overhead room.

Jib cranes

Most jib cranes consist of a supporting tower that has an attached “boom,” which extends over the project area. They can also be wall-mounted and are available in different configurations.

The main benefit of freestanding jib cranes is that they can rotate 360 degrees over a project site. While wall-mounted jib cranes aren’t capable of a full 360-degree rotation, they don’t take up any floor space.

For those seeking overhead cranes in Indiana, we suggest jib cranes for manufacturing, repair, and fabrication facilities. They’re ideal for performing repetitive tasks and moving heavy items within a small radius.

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