6 reasons you need emergency crane repair and maintenance in Merrillville, Indiana

July 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
6 reasons you need emergency crane repair and maintenance in Merrillville, Indiana

Any time you’re working with heavy equipment, it’s important that it’s properly maintained or repaired as quickly as possible to avoid further damage or injury. At T&M Cranes, we can help to inspect your cranes or repair them should anything get damaged. Our team offers emergency crane repair and maintenance in Merrillville, Indiana so you can keep your crew working as efficiently as possible. If you’re unsure why you need these services, read our guide below for a brief explanation of the benefits.

Improves safety

Running properly maintained equipment improves the safety of the operator and everyone around as it’s far less likely to have malfunctions or breakdowns. One of the last things that you ever want to have to deal with is breakages or malfunctions as they can put your facility, job site, and employees at tremendous risk of injury. Everyone will be grateful that your crane is maintained and working in peak condition.


Cranes are designed to carry extremely heavy loads. Whether you use one in your warehouse to move and load freight or move building materials like flying trusses. A properly functioning crane makes your workflow properly as well as ensuring that you don’t hit any roadblocks along the way. Regular maintenance beforehand will help get your job done more quickly and efficiently than having to make repairs on the job.

Reduces long-term costs

Maintenance costs are often much lower than repairs. You can avoid costly repairs by making sure that everything on your crane is in proper working order with regular inspections. Spot any problems or trouble areas before running your crane to prevent significant breakdowns or accidents. Any amount that you pay in minor repairs and maintenance will be insignificant to what you could pay for a major accident as a result of a faulty crane.

Maintains your warranty

Warranties require that you not only use the equipment properly but maintain it as well. Inspections and proper maintenance will ensure that your crane and all its components are covered under warranty should something go wrong. Additionally, you can identify any issues earlier so you can get the warranty work completed without any risks of the warranty expiring.

Keeps the job going

If you have a breakdown in the middle of a job, waiting for a repair team to come to your job site can set you back several hours if not days. Emergency repair services can come to you and perform the repair on-site at any time of day or night. This allows you to get back to work faster without losing too much ground on your deadline.

It’s the law

There are laws in place that mandate regular inspections and maintenance be performed on cranes in order to hold operating licenses. OSHA requires that you inspect cranes regularly by a qualified professional. The exact frequency of inspections is determined by the amount used. What’s more, your company could be held liable and negligent if you’re not properly maintaining the cranes that you use.

Contact us for help

Get in touch with the team at T&M Cranes for your emergency crane repair and maintenance in Merrillville, Indiana. We’re experts in crane repair and maintenance so we will help to keep you running longer and more efficiently. Give us a call at 800-552-6720 or send a message using our contact form at any time. Our lines are open 24/7 so we can help whenever you need it.