3 overlooked benefits of T&M overhead cranes in Indianapolis

June 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Picture of crane parts and functions. In Indianapolis, overhead cranes can satisfy virtually any need.

In business, if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worst. However, determining where to make critical improvements can be difficult. The most beneficial yet oft-ignored improvement to make in Indianapolis is installing overhead cranes. At T&M we’re the leading crane manufacturer, installer, and repairer. Family-owned and operated since 1974, our unrivaled 24/7 service means we always pick up the phone like your most trusted kin. Your success is our success.

Here are 3 overlooked benefits of overhead cranes:

1. They’re customizable

If you’re in Indianapolis, overhead cranes are an excellent solution for any warehouse because they’re built specifically for your facility.

During installation, everything from the precise dimensions of your warehouse to the most effective positioning is taken into account. Even better, their specific application enables you to design your overhead crane to accommodate your exact needs.

Many parts and functions of cranes are engineered for repetitive lifts and your facility’s specific products and workflow. You can even customize your crane to adjust to changes. Cranes ensure the environment adapts to your evolving processes and not the other way around.

If you’re unsure how overhead cranes can be tailored to your specific facility, you’re in good hands. At T&M, we offer affordable solutions that can accommodate every need.

2. They save you money

While installing overhead cranes in Indianapolis can be expensive, they ultimately save money and pay dividends down the road.

Overhead cranes can stack things higher than otherwise possible. This enables you to maximize storage space. Without a crane, things are typically transported via forklift. Forklifts require paying operators and investing in maintenance.

To further complicate matters, warehouses often have multiple forklifts to worry about. This compounds expenses. Even worst, when there’s a lot of product to move, it necessitates multiple forklifts working in conjunction. This is a major personnel expense.

However, when using an overhead crane, you’re only paying to power and operate one device with one operator. By optimizing virtually every process, your employees can be more productive and precise, thus rendering it far cheaper to accomplish tasks and reach targets.

With T&M, you get a team that understands the value of a penny saved.

3. They keep employees safe

There are many benefits in Indianapolis of using overhead cranes. One of the more critical ones is enhanced employee safety.

Automating lifting significantly reduces the stress on operators and employees. Ultimately, this also reduces the risk of injury. However, safety is a combination of factors. Without cranes, workers rely on forklifts. This means relying on imprecise stacking.

Overhead cranes don’t generate the same risks when moving heavy, bulky loads. Even better, there’s no risk of forklifts running into each other, running into pedestrians, or dropping products. Plus, employees are far less likely to hurt themselves while loading or unloading items.

Ultimately, this ensures you don’t have to compensate employees for injured leave, and it ensures you’re avoiding liability for workplace accidents that are often costly.

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If you have a warehouse in Indianapolis, overhead cranes are the surest way to improve productivity. However, it’s not easy to know where to look. Luckily, at T&M, we’re the leading company in all things cranes. From modernization to installation to manufacturing, we do it all. As a family-owned and operated outfit, we treat each client like kin. We pride ourselves on transparency and affordable, tailored solutions. Submit a contact form now!