3 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Wire Rope Hoist

June 30, 2020 at 5:00 AM
find the right wire rope hoist for your needs

Choosing the right wire rope hoist for your job is a big decision, but it’s not always a simple one. It’s important to explore your options, but it’s also equally important to understand its specifications, components, and features before you decide. You should also consider the hoist type necessary for your job and the key functions it will offer you.

Within the last several years, the technology behind different types of wire rope hoists has advanced drastically, and you should take the time to become familiar with these shifts, as you may not be familiar with many of the updates.

But before you begin searching for your hoist, keep these three considerations in mind so you can find the best equipment for your needs.

Factor #1: Load Lifting Requirements

While there are several factors to consider, the most important thing to remember is the load lifting requirements. What is the average load lifted on your site? This is the bare minimum load requirement and, while many hoists may meet this minimum, it’s best that you select one that can handle more than that.

High capacity hoists offer invaluable security, safety, and ability to move significantly larger loads should you need to; it’s not uncommon for unexpected load increases. They also give you peace of mind that your average loads won’t put any undue pressure on the equipment, so you can get the job done without worry. Additionally, these hoists may help you complete your job faster, with no chance of damage to the machinery.

Factor #2: Keep an Eye on Lifting Numbers

Before you decide on a lift, ask yourself how many lifts you’ll ask the wire rope hoist to do. This is another important deciding factor, as it can limit your options if you’re performing an exceedingly demanding job. The materials’ strength of various hoists may vary, with some unable to perform as many lifts as others.

If you know you’re going to be asking a lot of the machinery, or there’s a chance you may need to perform unexpected or additional lifts, take the cautious approach and go with equipment that can handle a high amount of lifts. Not only does this give you more flexibility should you need it, but it also keeps you and others safe on the job.

Factor 3: What Are Your Priorities and Future Needs?

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important to think ahead. If you’re only buying the hoist that meets your immediate needs, you could be saving money upfront, but spending more for a replacement down the road. Investing in a piece of machinery that not only meets your most pressing needs but will serve you well in the years to come just makes sense.

In short, remember to choose machinery that can handle a larger load size than you may need, triple check your lift numbers, and select a hoist that you know will serve you and your needs well beyond your immediate project.

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